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Yolodoor, la puerta inteligente que recibe tus compras online
Yolodoor, la puerta inteligente que recibe tus compras online
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Yolodoor es una puerta segura, eficiente y robusta
A smart and safe home
In addition to being a smart door that is technologically safe and efficient, Yolodoor is sturdy. It is an armored door with a 5-bolt security lock, making your Smart Home safe.
La app de Yolodoor está disponible en iOS y Android
You have
the power
Thanks to this smart door, you have the power. The Yolodoor app, available for iOS and Android, allows you to operate your door from anywhere in the world: manage your purchases and returns, open and close the flap and lock, configure customized alarms.
Una de las ventajas de Yolodoor, es que es autoinstalable
Installation with or without Works
On the one hand, you can choose a new work model thought to new constructions or remodelling homes. On the other hand, you have the Express change model to install it using the old doorframe where you only need to replace the door without doing works.
Works with all delivery
Yolodoor works with all couriers to try and make their job easier. Whenever you purchase something online, leave a note under comments so that the person responsible for delivering it knows you’re one of us.
We show you everything
1 - Flap
Safety flap to collect packets measuring 290 x 470mm.
4 - Smart Ingot
The heart of the door. A smart ingot made of stainless steel with Yolodoor´s technology.
2 - Platform
Motorized swing platform carries an effective load of 10Kg
5 - Electronic lock
Motorized electronic lock, analog and digital opening, security in 5 anchor points.
3 - Long Live battery
Long-lasting and self-charging battery, free of cables and mounted on the body of the door
6 - Security sensors
Safety proximity sensor with volumetric alert of presence. Anti-squatter sensor and alarm.
Additional features
Guaranteed deliveries
We solve last-mile delivery problems.
Installation in an instant
You can install it yourself in a very short time and, in addition, you do not need permission from your community.
Shipping and returns
On top of receiving your purchases, you can also schedule returns using the Yolodoor app.
Less CO2 across the world
Menos cO2
By avoiding unsuccessful deliveries, we lower carbon emissions.
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Ask our Technical Service for help
If you already own a Yolodoor and/or are thinking about buying one and have doubts about the installation process or how it works, write here.
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