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you’re free.
The smart door
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The original
smart door.
Configure it as you like
Receive your purchases without being at home. You won't have to wait for the delivery guy anymore.
Overnight deliveries
100% contactless delivery that allows you to receive packages at any time, even when you are sleeping.
Do your shopping at the supermarket and have it delivered at home at any time. Be free, let the bags wait for you.
Vacation apartments
Vacation apartments
Enable a code for your guests so that they can leave and enter temporarily without having to worry about anything.
Yolodoor es una puerta segura, eficiente y robusta
A smart and safe home
Yolodoor, apart from being a smart and domotic door, technologically safe and efficient, is robust. It offers an armoured finish with an intelligent security lock and multiple alarm sensors, which will make your Smart Home a very secure home.
La app de Yolodoor está disponible en iOS y Android
Total control from your app
In your smart home automation door, the power is yours. The Yolodoor app for iOS and Android allows you to control your door from anywhere in the world: manage your purchases and returns, open and close the gate and lock and set customised alerts.
Una de las ventajas de Yolodoor, es que es autoinstalable
Connected to your intercom
Your smart door is connected to your video door phone so that the delivery person can carry out the entire delivery process without having to disturb you. Compatible with most of the telephones on the market, analog and digital.
Simply easy to install
Yolodoor is the ideal door for your reform, especially if you are looking for home automation. The best thing is that the installation is relatively simple and, if you are a little handyman, you can install it without the help of anyone. However, we always advise you to seek professional help in your area.
The company Yolodoor has created a door that, through an app, allows the courier to deposit the shipment in it without accessing the home. Another utility that is currently being tested is for rental apartments, so that the tenant can pick up the keys without the landlord having to physically move...
We show you everything
1 - Flap
Safety flap to collect packets measuring 290 x 470mm.
4 - Smart Ingot
The heart of the door. A smart ingot made of stainless steel with Yolodoor´s technology.
2 - Platform
Motorized swing platform carries an effective load of 10Kg
5 - Electronic lock
Motorized electronic lock, with digital and analogical opening, with 3-point security.
3 - Fingerprint reader
Fingerprint reader integrated in the door handle.
6 - Security sensors
Proximity security sensor with volumetric presence alert and alarm.
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