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About Yolodoor
Does Yolodoor reduce the carbon footprint?
How do I create a Yolodoor account?
Do you have a physical store??
How can I get in touch with Yolodoor?
Is Yolodoor safe?
What if I do not have an outlet near the door?
Who are we?
Where can I buy my Yolodoor smart door?
Where can I buy my Yolodoor smart door?
How long does it take for a Yolodoor smart door to be delivered?
How is it sent?
My account / My profile
How can I change my personal data?
How many users can my Yolodoor have?
Can I have several doors under the same account?
How can I unsubscribe from Yolodoor?
App and usage
How do I schedule a new delivery?
How does the delivery man know I have a Yolodoor?
Can I see my history of the packages I have received?
How do I authorize a new user in the APP?
Can I open the door in the event of an emergency?
What do I do if the delivery person doesn’t have the code?
What happens if the package does not fit through the flap?
What happens in the event of a power outage?
Is the installation of Yolodoor reversible?
Run if I do not have WIFI?
Can any carrier open the gate?
What do I do if I don’t have enough space when the tray is up?
Couriers / Delivery
How do I start using Yolodoor Delivery?
How do I know it is a Yolodoor?
How do I make the delivery?
How do I open the intercom?
How do I pick up a return?
Shopping and guarantees
How long does it take for my Yolodoor to arrive?
Does it have a guarantee?
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Política de cookies
How many fingerprints can you store?
How can I reset to factory defaults?
How to add administrator fingerprint?
How to add the user fingerprint?
How to delete all fingerprints?
How to unlock by fingerprint?
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