Vacation apartments
Allows you to check in to your apartment 100% autonomously.
Temporary rentals
One of the features of our app are the temporary permissions, so you can give access to your lock to whoever you want by programming the dates of validity, ideal for vacation stays.
Yolodoor para anfitriones de apartamentos vacacionales
The hot best friend
Yolodoor will become your best friend, since you can program temporary access and you will not have to meet with your guests at all. Select day and time of entry and exit and give the permissions you want, only to the lock or enable, if you want, the basic functions so they can use Yolodoor.
Yolodoor para huéspedes de aparatamentos vacacionales
100% independent guests
Your guests will be totally independent. By downloading the Yoloodor app, they will be able to use the code you have given them and they will have temporary access to your apartment. Neither you nor they will have to worry about arrival time or possible delays.
Yolodoor compatible con Airbnb o Booking
Compatible with all platforms
Yolodoor works regardless of the vacation rental platform you use, as the code is provided by you. You can find apartments with a Yoloodor installed on platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.
Códigos Temporales
Códigos temporales
Programa códigos temporales para facilitarles a tus huéspedes. Desde la app podrás configurar permisos para que puedan abrir la cerradura, el portal y recibir paquetes. Cuando pase la fecha que indiques, el código quedará deshabilitado.
Rider Cleaner
Rider Cleaner
One of the projects developed by the Yolodoor family is Rider Cleaner, a service of kellys at home, who will move your beds and clean the house, so you don't have to go to the apartment for anything at all.
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