Enjoy your smart door with maximum security
Smart and secure home
We take your security very seriously, that's why we have built a robust door, with alarms and sensors.
Seguridad en tu puerta inteligente
Fingerprint reader
It has a fingerprint reader so you can open the door without the need for keys or cell phone. Authorize as many people as you want to use it.
Sensores y alarma en tu puerta inteligente
Proximity sensors
The inside of the door includes proximity sensors, which will be activated if they detect any movement at the entrance of your home. In that case, you will receive an alert in your app so that you can take the appropriate measures.
Seguridad en tu hogar inteligente
Security camera
Install a camera and synchronise it with the app to watch the delivery live. From the app, you can also view what is happening inside your home at all times. You can use the one you already have or purchase one on our website.
Seguridad en tu hogar inteligente
Customizable alarm
Yolodoor includes alarm, which you can manage from your app. Always be aware of everything that happens inside your home, customize notifications and deactivate it whenever you want.
Yolodoor es un hogar inteligente
Smart Ingot
The intelligent ingot is a galvanised steel block that protects the door technology and makes it armoured and consistent. In addition, it activates all functions: proximity, volumetric and intensity sensors and has an alarm system that detects any movement inside the home.
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